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Call Us Today!
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In Business Since 1958
SPARKS, NV 89431
Phone: (775) 358-2929
Fax: (775) 358-1275
Owner / Manager: Rex Hibdon
Business Hours
Mon - Fri: 07:00 AM - 03:00 PM

Our services

  • Metal Polishing
  • Custom Plating and Metal Restoration
  • Industrial and Commercial Finishes
  • Bumpers Straightened and Repaired
  • Aluminum

Cast aluminum is a very porous metal and can have a lot of pitting. Chrome plating will not cover pitting. However, to make the part look as good as possible, ABC Plating hand polishes and buffs the part to smooth out as many pits as possible while maintaining the integrity of the part. The part is then copper plated and buffed again to a high luster. The next step is to add a layer of nickel to the part, then chrome plate it to get the best finished product possible. All processes are done by hand and inspected at each workstation.

Auto Bumpers
ABC Plating provides a complete bumper restoration service. The bumper is a main focal point on classic autos, and we take special care to ensure our bumpers are refurnished to a superior finish. We straighten and repair the original bumper to a better-than-new condition. All bumpers are stripped down to the bare metal (sandblasted on the back), straightened, and realigned. Dents and waves are removed, and then the bumper is polished. We then triple plate it with copper, nickel, and chrome to ensure a mirror finish. All stages of the restoration process are done by hand and inspected throughout the process by our technicians.

The plating of white metal, pot metal, and die-cast metal requires a great deal of time and effort from our experienced technicians. These metals deteriorate over time with wear and tear. We repair the dents, pits, and cracks in the metal by carefully hand polishing it, then plating it with copper, nickel, and chrome. The polishing is a very labor-intensive process done by technicians with years of experience. Restoring your plated parts to the best condition possible is very important to us, and we strive to do just that. In some cases, a part is severely deteriorated to the point that there just isn't enough metal to work with. You will be notified if the part cannot be restored to show-quality chrome. Some parts don't reveal their true condition until they have been stripped to bare metal. If your part cannot be restored to near-new condition, you will be notified at that point in the process.

We plate all types of steel. The final finish on a steel part is directly related to its age and condition, and the type of steel the part is made of. Steel can be restored if there is enough metal left to work with. Steel parts are hand polished and buffed to remove as many pits, cracks, and rust spots as possible. A mirror finish is not always possible, but the best finish possible is always strived for.

Our experienced technicians can custom polish your parts. We offer a beautiful polished look on your brass, steel, and copper parts. 

Commercial Production Services
We have a complete in-house commercial production service, offering production polishing, and hand-rack and barrel plating with a fast turnaround. For commercial production quotes, please call: 775-358-2929 or fax: 775-358-1275.

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